Welcome to ClubsWHS

Club Employers Mutual - (CEM) is part of the Specialised Insurer, Hospitality Employers Mutual Ltd established by ClubsNSW and Employers Mutual in June 2012 to offer Workers Compensation Insurance, benefits, services and discounts to ClubsNSW members.

One of the benefits of insuring with CEM is free acess to this ClubsWHS online system and the support that you need to manage WHS within your business.

ClubsWHS is a generic WHS Management System tailored to the Clubs industry that includes tools, guidance and information to enable you to adapt the system to suit your individual workplace.

The adaptation program is spread over 26 weeks using guidance emails and thereafter regular email reminders are sent to help you maintain the system and complete specific tasks.

For more information, contact Club Employers Mutual on (02) 8251 9069 or e-mail  directly.

How Mentally Healthy is Your Workplace?

To achieve a mentally healthy workplace requires proactive workplace culture and practices, and effective reactive incident and injury management processes. ClubsWHS is here to support you; we have developed new support systems via our ClubsWHS WHS management tool - Mentally Healthy Workplace Module. This module is a questionnaire style tool aimed at highlighting some of the suggested activities, strategies and processes employers could have in place to support healthy behaviours and culture in the workplace.

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